Registry and Biobank Consortium RBKON

The purpose of RBKON is to stimulate the use of research resources in registry and biobank research in northern Sweden.

RBKON aims to

- encourage networking between researchers
- disseminate information about registry and biobank research
- drive development work pertaining to registry and biobank research
- work to secure financial resources for infrastructure for registry and biobank research.

RBKON cooperates with Umeå University and county councils in the northern region.

Statutes for RBKON Members of the Working Committee Member list with areas of interest

You can become a member of RBKON if you:

– have completed a PhD
– conduct scientific work in the registry and/or biobank field
– are employed (full or part time) at Umeå University or county councils in the northern region.

Those who meet some but not all of the requirements for membership can apply to become a co-opted member. This applies, for example, to doctoral students.
Contact: Anette Norberg Karlsson

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Anette Norberg Karlsson, Department of Biobank Research, Umeå University