Welcome to the Department of Biobank Research

The Department of Biobank Research (EBF) provides data management for research in approximately 50 sample collections. 

We offer help with all steps in the application process.

Access to samples and data

Our main cohort is the Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study, NSHDS

NSHDS is large, with over 135,000 individuals. Many of these have donated more than one blood sample and it is therefore possible to monitor how biomarkers develop over time before disease onset.

Plasma, erythrocytes and buffy coat are frozen within one hour from sampling, ensuring high quality for biochemical analyses.

Questionnaire data are available for diet and life-style factors. Linkage to disease registers is possible.

Studies are generally made in collaboration with local researchers and NSHDS has been used for hundreds of publications.


More cohorts

You can also contact us for access to the following cohorts.

  • The Northern Sweden Diet Database
  • The OMICS database
  • The Northern Sweden Maternity Cohort
  • EPIC
  • Biobank Deposit Boxes

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Biobank Drop-in Support

Thursdays even weeks at 10am

Common Ground, Nus, start 6th September

Are you planning a new project? Are you thinking about how the biobank can be utilized as a resource in your specific research project? Or just curious?

Biobank Sweden and the Department of Biobank Research (EBF) are offering Biobank Support in parallel with the bi-weekly drop-in sessions at Common Ground organized by the local National Bioinformatics infrastructure Sweden. Staff will be available to answer biobank related questions.

We are happy to discuss all questions!


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